The Old City Marina in Antalya, Turkey, is a beautiful place to explore. Whether you’re a traveler looking for adventure or a local hoping to reconnect with nature, the marina has something for everyone. Read on to discover all the best things to do and see at the Old City Marina in Antalya.

Go Sailing

Boats at Old City Marina
Boats at Old City Marina

The clear waters of the Mediterranean make for an ideal sailing destination. From leisurely day trips around the nearby islands to longer journeys from port to port, there are plenty of opportunities for experienced and novice sailors alike. The marina also offers boat rentals for those who don’t own their boats or are uncomfortable taking one out.

Visit Local Restaurants & Cafes at Old City Marina

The marina is home to some of Antalya’s finest restaurants and cafes. From traditional Turkish dishes like kebabs and böreks to more international fare such as pasta and pizza, there’s sure to be something that appeals to every palate. There are also plenty of bars and clubs nearby where you can enjoy drinks while taking in stunning views of the marina and its surroundings.

Take A Walk Along The Quay

Boats at Old City Marina
Boats at Old City Marina

One of the best ways to appreciate the beauty of the Old City Marina is by taking a stroll along its quay. Here you can take in views of traditional Turkish sailing vessels moored alongside sleek modern yachts, all bathed in the golden glow of an Antalya sunset. With so much activity going on around you, it’s easy to forget that you’re just steps away from one of Turkey’s most vibrant cities!

How To Get To Old City Marina Antalya

The Old City Marina in Antalya is a beautiful place to explore. You can get there by car, bus, or taxi. Once there, you’ll find a variety of activities to enjoy, including sailing, dining, shopping, and simply taking in the gorgeous views. Whether a day trip or an extended stay, the Old City Marina will provide an unforgettable experience!

Final Thoughts:

An artistic look at old city marina in Antalya
An artistic look at old city marina in Antalya

The Old City Marina in Antalya is truly a unique destination that has something for everyone—from experienced sailors looking for adventure, foodies searching for new culinary experiences, or just someone looking for a relaxing afternoon spent admiring incredible views. So why not plan your next trip today? You won’t regret it!

Weather Conditions in Antalya

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