Situated in the city’s heart, Kaleici Antalya is a historic and vibrant old city – A Historic Must-See that can’t be missed. From its iconic architecture to its stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Read on to find out why Kaleici should be at the top of your list when visiting Antalya.

A Stroll Through History of Antalya Old Town

A View From Kaleici Antalya Old Town
A View From Kaleici Antalya Old Town

Kaleici is a treasure trove of history just waiting to be explored. Its old city walls date back to Roman times when it was known as Attalia and served as an essential port for trade between Europe and Asia Minor. These walls are narrow cobblestone streets lined with traditional wooden houses painted in bright shades of blue and pink, adding to the neighborhood’s quaint charm. There are also plenty of small shops selling local handicrafts and souvenirs, so make sure you bring some cash if you’d like to take home a piece of Turkish culture!

The Heart Of The City – Kaleici Antalya

Kaleici isn’t just about its rich history – it also boasts fantastic views. One of the most popular spots for tourists is Hadrian’s Gate, an impressive structure built by the Romans in 130 AD, which serves as one of the main entrances into Kaleici from the rest of Antalya. From here, you can take in stunning panoramic views of the harbor and the Mediterranean Sea beyond it – perfect for a romantic sunset stroll or post-dinner photo opportunity!

If you want even more spectacular views, head up to Yivli Minare Mosque (also known as Fluted Minaret Mosque), one of Antalya’s oldest mosques, dating back to 1230 AD. Climb its spiral staircase for breathtaking views over all four corners of Kaleici – an excellent spot for photography enthusiasts or anyone who appreciates beautiful architecture!

How To Get There

Kaleici Antalya Old City
Kaleici Antalya Old City

Kaleici Antalya is a historic and vibrant neighborhood in the city’s heart. If you want to experience Turkish culture and history, this is one place you want to take advantage of. Here’s how to get there.

Kaleici is easily accessible from anywhere in Antalya – it’s just a short walk away from Hadrian’s Gate, one of the main entrances into the old city. If you’re coming from central Antalya, follow Ataturk Caddesi (the main road) until you reach Hadrian’s Gate. From there, it’s a five-minute walk uphill to Kaleici – look for the pink and blue houses, and you won’t miss it!

If you’re arriving in Antalya by bus or taxi, tell your driver “Kaleici Camii” (which means Fluted Minaret Mosque), and they will know where to take you. The mosque is located right at the entrance of Kaleici – just look for the large walls and gates!

Final Thoughts About Kaleici Antalya:

An Artistic Look at Kaleici Antalya
An Artistic Look at Kaleici Antalya

Kaleici is worth visiting if you’re looking for a unique experience in Antalya. Whether you’re interested in exploring its rich history or admiring its stunning views, this neighborhood has something exciting to offer to everyone who visits it! So don’t forget your camera – because once you’re there, you won’t want to miss out on any moment!

Weather Conditions in Antalya

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