If you’re looking for a delightful dish from Turkish cuisine, look no further than borek. This savory pie is made with a layer of flaky pastry filled with various delicious fillings. Whether in Turkey or abroad, it’s worth trying out this traditional treat. Let’s take a closer look at what makes borek so special.

What is Borek?

Borek Savory Pastry
Borek Savory Pastry

Borek is a savory pie that has been part of the Turkish culinary scene for centuries. It consists of layers of thin dough (either yufka or phyllo) filled with various ingredients, such as meat, cheese, or vegetables. The filling depends on its region and culture; for example, Bosnian borek usually contains potatoes and cheese, while Turkish borek may contain spinach and feta cheese. The most popular type of borek is Su Böreği (water borek), which is made with butter-based dough and often served with yogurt.

How Is Borek Served?

Borek can be served either hot or cold, depending on your preference. It can be enjoyed as an appetizer, snack, main course, or even dessert! If you have it as an appetizer or snack, it’s best to serve it warm with side dishes such as tzatziki sauce and salads. For the main course option, try serving the borek with sides like yogurt dip and pickles; enjoy it with honey syrup or ice cream for dessert!

Where Can You Find Boreks?


If you’re traveling to Turkey, you won’t have trouble finding boreks in most restaurants throughout the country. However, if you cannot visit Turkey anytime soon, then don’t worry—you can still get your hands on some delicious boreks elsewhere! Many Middle Eastern grocery stores sell frozen varieties that are easy to prepare at home; alternatively, try searching for “boreks near me” online to find local restaurants that offer these delicacies.

Final Thoughts:

As we can see, there are many reasons why boreks should be part of your next dining experience! This traditional Turkish savory pie offers an array of delicious fillings wrapped in flaky pastry – perfect for travelers who want to try something new and home cooks looking for an easy meal solution. Next time you spot a borek on the menu, give it a go – you won’t regret it!

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