If you are looking for an authentic and delicious meal from Turkish cuisine, look no further than the Ali Nazik kebab. This popular dish features succulent grilled meat with a creamy and flavourful garlic yogurt sauce. The combination of savory meat and tangy sauce is so mouthwatering you’ll be asking for seconds! So what exactly is the Alinazik kebab? First, let’s take a closer look.

What Is Alinazik Kebab?

Alinazik a Turkish Traditional Kebab
Alinazik a Turkish Traditional Kebab

Ali Nazik is a traditional Turkish dish originating in the city of Gaziantep, in the southeast of Turkey. It is a creamy and flavorful dish made with a combination of grilled meat (usually lamb, beef, or veal), smoked eggplant puree, and yogurt, topped with a tomato and butter-based sauce.

The dish is usually served with a yogurt-based sauce, traditionally prepared on a bed of bulgur pilaf or sometimes with bread as an alternative.

The key ingredients in Ali Nazik are eggplant and yogurt. The eggplant is grilled or smoked to give it a rich, smoky flavor and then mashed and mixed with yogurt to create a creamy puree. This is then topped with sautéed meat and tomato-based sauce. It gives a delicious creamy-smoky taste that is both rich and satisfying.

It is a popular dish in Turkish cuisine, and it’s considered a hearty meal, often enjoyed during colder months. It is also considered a home-cooked meal rather than something you can find in restaurants quite often.

It is also a great vegetarian alternative if you want to remove the meat and use only eggplants, yogurt, and tomato butter sauce.

Variations of Ali Nazik

Ali Nazik is a traditional Turkish dish enjoyed all over the country, and as such, there are various variations of the dish. Here are a few popular variations:

  1. Kofteli Ali Nazik: This version of the dish includes meatballs made from ground lamb or beef in addition to the usual ingredients. The meatballs are typically flavored with spices such as cumin, coriander, and mint.
  2. Ali Nazik with Bulgur: This variation includes bulgur wheat, cooked and mixed with eggplant puree and yogurt. The dish is then topped with meat and tomato sauce and garnished with parsley or mint.
  3. Ali Nazik with Yogurt Sauce: Some versions of the dish feature a yogurt-based sauce poured over the top, adding a tangy flavor and extra creaminess.
  4. Ali Nazik with Pide Bread: Instead of serving the dish with rice, bulgur, or crusty bread, some restaurants serve it with Pide bread, an oval-shaped Turkish bread.
  5. Vegetarian Ali Nazik: Ali Nazik can also be made without meat, becoming a vegetarian dish. The eggplant puree and yogurt are still used as the base of the dish, but the beef is omitted. Vegetables, chickpeas, or lentils can be added as a protein source.

Remember that these variations may not be available everywhere, and each place might have its own variation. Feel free to experiment with the recipe and adjust the ingredients to your taste.

Where to Find Authentic Alinazik Kebabs

Alinazik Traditional Turkish Dish
Alinazik Traditional Turkish Dish

Ali Nazik is a popular dish in Turkish cuisine, and it can be found at many restaurants and kebab shops throughout Turkey. However, if you want to try an authentic version of the dish, there are a few places that are particularly well-known for their Ali Nazik kebabs.

  • Gaziantep: The city of Gaziantep, in southeast Turkey, is considered to be the birthplace of Ali Nazik, and it is said to be the best place to find authentic versions of the dish. Here you can find different variations of Alinazik in restaurants and street vendors.
  • Istanbul: Istanbul is a cosmopolitan city and it has a wide variety of cuisines, so you can find many traditional Turkish restaurants that serve Ali Nazik.
  • Antakya (Hatay): Antakya is one of the most famous city for its food culture and Ali Nazik is one of the most popular dishes of this city. Antakya is located in the south of Turkey and it’s close to the Syrian border.
  • Ankara: The capital city of Turkey, Ankara is also known for its traditional Turkish cuisine, and many restaurants serve Ali Nazik.


Whether you’re dining out or making it yourself, the Alinazik kebab will surely please everyone at your table! This classic Turkish dish pairs juicy grilled meats with a creamy garlic yogurt sauce for an unforgettable culinary experience that will leave your stomach full and happy! So why not give it a try? You won’t regret it!

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